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Evening, just before bed. Jump on Clubhouse. Decide to try my luck with "7th Layer of Hell", a comedy gameshow room. I love good standup, but my Clubhouse time has been more NFT than lol so far. That changed last night.

Alone in a dark apartment, I couldn't stop laughing. Full-blown, funniest-person-you-know, laugh-out-loud type laughter. This is rare. Hilarious YouTube clips rarely draw more than a chuckle when I'm watching alone. Not last night.


Like many comics earlier this year, Leah Lamarr had a problem: The stand-up comedy world was on life support, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic closing down clubs and keeping performers off stage. This was bad news not only for comedians, who depend on the art form to make a living, but also for comedy-lovers who have been unable to get their fix live for nearly a year. “I’m a comic, I love to perform,” Lamarr recently told TheWrap. “And people need comedy as a relief.”

Comedian Leah Lamarr hosted a standup comedy show on Clubhouse in mid-January with a number of comedians that drew an audience of 1,300 people.

“It’s been very hard to make money for comics this year,” she said in a Clubhouse discussion last week involving a couple of dozen prominent moderators. “People have had to transition online. (The comedy night is) a pretty good way to do a living. I don’t have to do hair and makeup and travel? I’m in. I don’t have to have people coughing on me? I’m in.”

Leah Lamarr Is the Queen of Clubhouse Comedy

Although comics are boisterous by nature, you’re unlikely to hear Lamarr crown herself as comedy royalty. Instead, I’m giving her the crown, because I’ve been online long enough to recognize someone on their grind when I see it.

Lamarr has an unmatched work ethic, and she’s dedicated to the Clubhouse platform. Her passion comes through clearly to the ears of anyone.

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About the host
Leah Lamarr
Leah Lamarr is an accomplished Comic + Actress + Host, Producer & professional microwaver (and probably outside your window right now) that’s been featured on HBO, E!, CBS, Comedy Central, Amazon and credited with bringing Comedy to Clubhouse. Her mission is providing laughter to your lives through diverse, inclusive, and funny AF shows the whole world can enjoy.
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